• Taylor Dederick

The Return of the Fanny Pack. Yay or Nay?

Updated: May 18, 2020

It is 2019 ladies and gentleman and if we've learned anything this year, its that everything and I mean EVERYTHING is making a come back.

From mom jeans and chokers hitting the runway to plaid bell bottoms and tube tops making magazine covers. Fashion is constantly working in cycles. "Fads" come and go and tastes change but generations all draw inspiration from the past. Eventually the cool things change and we'll all be left scrambling to get back in style.


Yes we're talking about those black pouches your mom wore around her waste while she pushed you around the neighborhood in your big wheel. These black, bulky, zippered bags were left behind years ago. The thought of fanny packs were comical in 2016. But here we are, two years later, collecting these "bum bags" from brands of all kind.

The bags themselves range from the basic polyester pouch with a horizontal zipper running across the front to looking more like a luxury handbag with a belt strap, better know as the “belt bag”. Fitting into the newest embrace of practicality over style, fanny packs do just that, provide enormous amounts of practicality.  High end labels such as

Off White or Louis Vuitton carry fanny packs costing up to $2000. Don't want to drop that kind of cash? No worries you can hop over to Forever 21 and grab yourself one for $14.90. 

With the rise of street wear, these belly bags are the talk of the runway. Models, wearing them dangling across their bodies, rather than their waists, have brought a hype to the elevation of what was once considered ugly.

So. Fanny packs. Yay or nay? 

I think yay. From street wear to festival attire, fanny packs are not only some one the newest haute couture but are actually extremely useful. Late for your train? Go ahead and run, this bag isn't going anywhere. Want to sneak candy into the movies? Look no further than your waist.

Will you follow this trend or just watch it pass on by?

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