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Fashion, Social Media, and Pop Culture

Welcome one, welcome all. Here you are on Tea On Trend. If you some how stumbled upon this blog, well, I hope it makes your day just that much better. To introduce myself is simple, I'm Taylor a college student in Albany, New York. I am a Marketing Major with a Minor in Digital Media and Concentration in Communications and Digital Marketing... so obviously I have a love for the internet. For this assignment he is having us write blog posts on topics that interest us and well here you are, at my first blog post. 

Fashion, Social Media and Pop Culture.

As we head on this journey into the blog world together, we will be discussing all things on trend. The name of my blog here is Tea On Trend, I did not actually come up with this as it was a group effort between my two friends Kayla and Alexa (shoutout to you two). The idea behind this name started with the word Trend and it spiraled into Tea on Trend, ya know tea. Like Spilling the tea. But also like Tea like T, Taylor... Get it, yea I thought it was funny too.  

Along with being a college students and a fresh new blogger, I am also an independent model more or less meaning I get to work with companies and brands shooting content for their websites, social media etc. The intense world of fashion has my heart. With this job of mine I am constantly engulfed in this world, nearly drowning in all the newest "fads".

Want to check out some of my work? Click on the portfolio link in my header and for more check out my website at taylordederick.com because who doesn't love a nice little shameless self plug?

I love learning and discussing the newest fashion trends and here grew my idea for this blog. Staying up to date on trends whether in the fashion world or simply anything happening in Pop Culture will be the focus of this blog.

Check in weekly at Tea On Trend to stay updated with everything "important" going on in this crazy world of ours. From fashion tips to updates on Justin and Hailey's wedding. If you want even more from us, head over to Tea On Trend's Facebook page for updates, links, and additional content (because who can get enough of this, right?).

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